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Our Technologies

History of Kaga Press Working

1950's Kanazawa factory started blanking/bending press, molding and insert molding for hook switches used for Telecommunication products and switches for photoelectric controls
1970's Began drawing production of button-type silver oxide battery cases for quartz watches
1979 Established Oshimizu factory (Kaga Technology Inc)
Began press working on large-size parts
1980's Began drawing production of coin-type lithium battery cases widely used for microelectronics
Began drawing producing zinc-air battery cases for hearing aids (Kaga (U. S. A.)
Began forging (net shape) production of heat sink (grommet) for semiconductor laser
1981 Established Kaga (U. S. A.) Inc.
Began press working in the United States
1990's Began producing deep-drawing prismatic cases and coining production of safety-valved lids of prismatic case
2000's Began production of deep-drawing cylindrical cases and forging production (net shape) of parts for air-bag
2001 Established Kaga Electric Industries (Wuxi) Inc.
Began press working in China
2012 Established Kaga(THAILAND)Co.,LTD.
Began press working in Thailand

Kaga Press Working

Kaga's press working uses cold forming (cooling materials /dies at room temperature or at fixed temperature). While cold forming requires a relatively great deal of force for deformation, it brings good processing accuracy and increases strength of metal by work hardening. Our press working realizes any shape you request by shearing, bending, drawing, expand forming, forging, extrusion and coining processes on metallic coil materials, such as Fe, SUS, AL and cladding material.

Kaga Dies

Kaga's dies are manufactured by in-house press working with designing/die parts processing/die assembly done at our production facilities in Japan, the United States and China. Accumulated know-how on dies maintains and improves a high standard of quality in manufacturing and technologies. We keep trying new technologies/processing method at all times.

Press Machines

Kaga does not use a press machine as it is purchased. We add Kaga's know-how onto the press machine and form a suitable processing line for our products. Progressive press, transfer press or progressive transfer press is chosen in accordance with the product to process.

Production Technolgies

Various peripheral technologies are required for press working, such as a material feeder, a material stocker, a cleaning machine and composite process (caulking, welding, insert molding, etc.) Kaga responds to even the demands requiring new processing method with in-house production technologies. Please feel free to contact us.

Quality Assurance

Kaga obtains ISO9001 in 1996 and ISO14001 certification in 2001. We fulfill customers' expectation under the strict quality assurance system.


Kaga's core product, a battery case, is manufactured mainly by precise drawing technology. Manufacturing battery cases requires precise shape reproducibility and mass production quality stability. Kaga has accumulated the know-how on development and production of battery cases for over 30 years and respond to customers' difficult requests.

Forge Processing

The era of optical discs began with the advent of compact disc (CD) in 1982. Utilizing forge processing for over 20 years, Kaga has developed and manufactured the heat sink (grommet) for semiconductor laser used for reading and writing optical discs. Grommet process is net shape process widely used in the automotive products industry and no secondary process after pressing is performed. Process accuracy is ±5/1000.

Electronic Precision parts

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