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Can you move up the delivery date?

Realization of high-precision die from design to finish with 3D shape
3D/CAD Mold Analytical Simulation
High realization by setting up precise analytical simulation
3D/CAD Modeling
3D/CAD Press Die Design

We respond promptly to your needs with reliable designs

Analytical Simulation

Die design/Develop a drawing of parts

(Develop machining program)

Solid geometry program can be developed by directly utilizing design data
Precision High-speed Milling Machine
Micron-accuracy finish for accuracy and worked surface roughness with precision milling processing

Develop the program for manufacturing parts

3D Shape Measuring Machine
Accurate dimensional Measuring with precision 3D shape Measuring machine
Die with highly-reproducible parts
Precise die with easy parts replacement

3D Shape Precision Measuring Machine manufactured by Tokyo Seimitsu

Press Die