Corporate Philosophy

Great future turns on small beginnings
Manufacturing has already gone global. As growth markets have changed, the Kaga Group has shifted from a Japan-centered business model to a global one, developed bases overseas, and made a major course change to become an Asian company. Since its founding, the Group has employed original ideas and proprietary technology and undertaken high-quality, reliable manufacturing that meets the needs of the times in the fields of telecommunications, lighting, electronic precision parts, and system services, while adapting to rapidly changing society. In the future, the Kaga Group will take full advantage of technological foundation that it has built up in Japan into overseas market, enter fields in Japan related to the new needs of society, such as environment friendliness, safety, mobility, and services, and strive to achieve further growth as a company that can broadly contribute to the world.
Management Principles
  • Based on our principle of "Customer First", we will aim to become a perpetual company that society expects.
  • We will make active contribution to society through developing new products and technologies.
  • We will aim to become an attractive, energetic and internationally-minded company.

Environmental Policy

In all aspects of our business activities, our entire members will make it a basic policy on environment to perform pro-environmental behavior. On the basis that we have dealt in telecommunications equipments, lighting equipments, Electronic Precision parts, network systems and the neighboring businesses, the following environment practices are carried out according to the basic policy.
As for the point where our operation, products and services may cause environmental damage, we all set a clear objective in technological and economical feasibilities, conduct a review and work for the continual improvement of the environmental management system and the prevention of the pollution.

  • To set up an environment control organization to pursue the environment protection plans and the prevention activity of pollution.
  • To follow the laws and the regulations of environment control.
  • To create office regulations relating to the environment protection plans and the prevention activity of pollution, and work for the continual improvement of the environmental management system by monitoring the inside activities.
  • To work on energy and resource saving and recycle disposals in our business activities in order to prevent global warming and exhaustion of resources.
  • To avoid using the chemical materials such as air-pollution substance, ozone depleting substance, water pollutant and harmful substance by adopting economically-viable alternative technology and materials.
  • To design eco-friendly products and lessen the burden on environment.
  • To work for the prevention system so as not to keep the impact on the environment to a minimum in case of accident and emergency.
  • To do our best to keep healthy environment in our neighboring communities.
  • To implement educational and public relations activities for our employees to raise awareness about the environment.
  • To announce the environment policy both in and out of our company.
Quality Policy

We pursue quality and reliability of our products so as to gain trust from our customers.
In order to pursue the quality policy, we conduct the followings.

  • To satisfy the related regulations, laws and customers' demand.
  • To set and carry out the quality objective for each division and monitor the implementation of the objective.
  • To achieve the following actions.
    * To monitor the quality information including customer satisfaction and utilize them effectively.
    * To develop new technology and create new products to meet customer's needs.
    * To reduce the number of claims by monitoring quality in process of production.
  • To improve the effectiveness of quality management system.
  • To carry out and understand the roles for the quality policy through posting and presenting the policy.
  • To review the quality policy periodically in the management review meeting to keep the appropriateness of the policy.